Friday, 14 September 2012

A Anna Dello Russo Fashion Shower (av dess like..)

This is probably as far as you can get from the average swedish fashion style. Anna Dello Russo the "Fashion Maniac" according to the photographer Helmet Newton, is designing an exclusive accessories  collection for H&M which is launching in store 4th October around the world. 

I almost couldn't tell at first if this video was the official launch for the collaboration, but yes I realized it was. Being Swedish I am not used to the extravaganza style and settings :P so my first initial thought was "oh, my god is it for real" and "you can't do that and wear that in her age"... haha but I found myself 2,5 minute into the video loving her self confidence. Anna Dello Russo is much loved by the fashion world and I understand why. She stands for the unique individual style that many seek and her self confidence is obvious. It is all about expressing who you are and now everyone can get some of her style.  

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