Tuesday, 16 August 2011

Officially moving from Lund to London

Had an intense weekend last week with me and Daniel flying home to move out from my student apartment. The weekend included Swedish food, cleaning, sweets, packing and meeting friends and family.

On our way to Sweden.

Eating my last meal in my apartment.

Tuesday, 9 August 2011

Is this really happening?

London is not what it used to be. What is going on? People have gone mad and parts of the city look like a war zone... What is going on?

Below is images from The Daily Mail and I still can't believe this is London. Let's send a thought to those innocent who had their homes and shops burned down.

The riots came close to where we live as well. We could not take the tube or the bus to Bethnal Green because of the riot and Bethnal Green Road had their windows smashed and trash bins set on fired. Late last night around midnight someone set a shed on fire right next to our house and we woke up by the blue lights in our bedroom from the three fire trucks outside. Luckily didn't the fire spread.

Image: The Daily Mail

Image: The Daily Mail

Image: The Daily Mail

Image: The Daily Mail

Image: The Daily Mail

Image: The Daily Mail
Outside our house last night.

Monday, 8 August 2011

Holiday in London

We decided to treat ourselves for a night and have some holiday in London. I'm working six days a week so we could only have one night away. We stayed at The Zetter Town House and had the most amazing time. I can't remember me living in such a nice hotel ever!

We bought some nice food and  we had an continental breakfast the morning after, which felt a bit luxurious :P

After checking-out we walked around clerkenwell road and later down to Tate Modern. The best day in a very long time.