Saturday, 5 November 2011


After our press days I had some nice holiday in Paris coming up. My days contained of relaxing, walking around and eating nice food. I really enjoy being in Paris again, just hate that I don't know the language... but maybe I learn.. one day.

The train station where I spend a lot of time now a days. 

Walking around in Paris and Louvren.
Bread, cheese and wine evening.

Baking Chocolat/Cheesecake brownie. This is the before picture...

... and the after picture. It tasted amazing.

Spending the whole day at IKEA, which is always exciting!

Since we didn't eat the meatballs at IKEA we had to make our own that evening.

Next day, Tuesday 1st November did me and Daniel celebrate our 1 year anniversary so we had a luxury dinner at The Pershing Hall. It was the best dinner I've ever had and the best surroundings. Amazing night.

When Daniel was working and I was on my own  did I go for a long walk around in Paris. Here along a canal in the 10th district. 

The old men playing boule.

Promenade Plantée in Paris. The garden up and above everything.

Coffee break at Starbucks.

The Isabelle boat. Maybe not the most beautiful of them all in the harbour but I bet it
is the most beautiful on the inside :P

It is soooo beautiful in Paris.

End of my walk. See you soon Paris.

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