Saturday, 22 October 2011

My first time in Paris

Here are a selection of images from my visit in Paris between 29 September - 3 October. It was probably the last summer weekend, which was great since I haven't had any holiday this summer. I had the most amazing time and is very happy I'll be going back there a lot!

On my way to Daniels apartment

View from balcony! Amazing!


The most beautiful department store I've been to.

Roof top on Galeries Lafayette

Champ Élysées

Daniel outside of his new employer 

Eiffel tower by night

Chick woman on the streets of Paris

Of course did we have to go and see the Eiffel tower.   
The Eiffel tower was meant to be in the background... 

Breakfast on the balcony with  Starbucks and fresh baked bread. Mums!

Then baguette and eiffel tower. What Paris is all about :P

Me outside of Notre Dame

On Saturday night we went to Chez Janou in Marais. My friend recommended this restaurant because of its chocolate mouse desert. It was the most amazing french restaurant, hidden from the busiest streets. It is a very friendly restaurant were everyone talk to each other over the tables and were the waiters sing and dance while serving. If you are ever in Paris, go there!

Starter: Goat cheese salad

Main course: Beef with potato chips and béarnaise sauce

And then the amazing chocolate mouse where we could have as much as we wanted!

This is the only bridge in Paris where you are only aloud to walk and it is just by Louvren, Pont des Arts. Here you can lock you love with a padlock which symbolize eternal love and if you throw the key in the river it means that "we will always have Paris".

It's an amazing sight.

Marché aux Fleurs. We stopped by the flower market which also included birds.

And later we walked down to Jardin du Luxembourg. The most amazing park where the trees are perfectly planted in rows and where every one is relaxing themselves. 

Palais du Luxembourg

Relaxing in the sun! Probably for the last time this summer.

Bye bye Paris for this time. See you again 29th October!

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