Tuesday, 26 July 2011

Graduation, The Lion King and Ben & Jerry's

Last week my boyfriend graduated from Central St. Martin. He is now officially a Product designer. Well done baby! The graduation ceremony was very special. It felt like I was part of a Harry Potter movie. It is especially the costumed that gives you that feeling. Unfortunately did the graduation end in sickness for me. I had to go home and straight to bed. I did manage to go and see the Lion King together with Daniel and his family the day after (with some help from pain killers and pure determination). IT WAS AMAZING!!! So far the best musical I've ever seen. So since last Wednesday I've been in bed eating some lovely Ben & Jerry's. I am better now and will go back to work tomorrow. Jippi!

We can never get one good photo of us..

Daniel with Thao. 

Daniel and Bora. I tried to be Boras family as well since she didn't have any family there.
I don't know if I succeeded.



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